Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday times Four!!

Wesley starts off the b-day season in October by turning 15!!
Whatta goob!

Brian took a trip up north and scored some "Bears" gear for Wes.
So hard to find down here in Colts country!

Jessica turns 17...the "8" was one the cake cause we sometimes combine our
candles to come up with the right age!! Next year we'll be right on!

Fried ice cream at La Cha's with friends and family!!

I got to celebrate with Joseph's preschool class by reading them a story!
He turned 4 in November!

The Birthday Parade...Joseph was the leader and they march
thru the church (preschool) playing their instruments!

Joseph celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese.
Whoa...I think every parent should have to go thru least once!!

Birthday buddies....

Anna finishes off our 3 months of b-day celebrations. She turned 9 this year and got to have her first slumber party! There was lots of partying and VERY LITTLE slumbering!!

Anna's most awesome rainbow cake! Got the recipe from one of my favorite blogs!
I don't know Meg but she seems like the kind of person I could really get a long with! :)
Check it out...her photos are awesome and her writings are hilarious!