Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gotta Love the School Supplies

Another year of school supplies purchased and already put to use. Brian and the kiddos made their annual pilgrimage to Staples and WalMart to get the goods you see pictured. We actually got a bunch more junk that isn't pictured...they do have some good deals this time of year. As I'm writing this I have a stack of Crayola crayons, 7 boxes to be exact, sitting beside me....great stocking stuffers or b-day gift fillers!! And don't get me started on the glue-sticks...every scrapbooker's dream!! ~Jaye

Why Am I Like This!!!

What is it in my "make-up" that prevents me from throwing away a shoe box?? Let's face it, the shoes will NEVER be stored in them again. They don't make great storage containers because you can't SEE what's inside of them. You always have to pull them off the shelf and look in...you might as well drop a $1.00 at Dollar General and get some baskets!! Still, as you can see by the picture, I can't bear the thought of throwing them away. I guess you just never know when you'll need a good box with a lid!!

These shoe boxes were just at arms length when I took the picture.
There are many more in various spots through-out the house.
They all will be joining the rest of my collection up in the attic...just in case!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sh-Cool Days!!

The kids are back in school today!! Yesterday was a half day. Anna came home very excited...Jess came home loaded with Biology homework...Wes came home hungry!! Ahhh...back in the old routine!

I blogged about this last year but I feel the same again this year! I love being back into the groove of school. I love the routine. I love the new adventure for my kids. I love being able to give Joseph more of my attention. I love not feeling like I have to be the "entertainer". Hmmm...I don't love the early mornings!! At least it's daylight outside when we get up...for a little longer anyway!

We've started the process of potty training with Joseph. Yesterday we did good until about noon...then we were both fed up with it and put the diaper back on! Today he's wearing his Spiderman underwear and pretty proud of them!! Only one accident and 3 successes on the potty...but it's only 10 am! Man, who knew this kid peed so much!! Just in writing this blog we've ran in for two false alarms!! My strategy has always been "potty candy". You go potty in the potty and you get a few skittles...just Joseph, not the whole family. Although, I've noticed someone has been treating themselves to the potty candy because the jar in almost empty!! Anyway, I think Joseph is catching on the the "candy" aspect of it all....guess we may have to switch to a sticker chart!

BTW...the sign in the above picture is just down the road. The kids pass it on the bus every day and Jess finally went down to take a picture of it! ~Jaye

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Back...Again!

Yippee! We're finally back online!! I just happen to walk by the computer and thought I'd try...and it worked!! Ha...who knows how long we've been up and running! I think it's kinda funny that it just happens to be the kids first day back to school. They survived without internet ALL SUMMER!! tee/hee

Here's my dilemma...I have so many things to update that I don't know where to start. I had planned do update in chronological order...just cause that's the kind of gal I am...a little OCD. But I think I'll throw caution to the wind and just go a little crazy! Sit back and enjoy...or just X out if you're bored!! :) ~Jaye

Monday, August 4, 2008

So long ago

While we were on vacation we spent some time watching some old family videos. It was fun to see how much we have changed. It was fun seeing my dad in the videos, I miss him. I realized a few things while I watched, my wife is a babe! I'm pretty lucky that as time goes on she gets more beautiful. I've ran into a few old "friends" the last couple of months and I think "wow" I'm glad Jaye is the girl I married. I'm one lucky dude.

This picture is of Jaye and I when we were a "young" married couple. As you can see she was a hottie back then and if you have seen her latley she is a hottie now. Me on the other hand.....not so much I'm well past my prime :)I did have some good hair back in the day.