Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation 08-Day 4

Sunday, July 6th

We attended church at Jimmy and Bette’s “old” church, First Baptist Church. After that we loaded up and headed south to the coast. We stopped at Round Pond and picked up some "lobsta". We found that in Maine there is very little use for the letter "R" when it comes at the end of a word! We waited about 20 minutes while they cooked them then headed off to Pemaquid Point. We climbed out on the rocky shoreline to eat our luscious lobster!! My only lobster experience was at Ponderosa for their surf and turf special. Needless to say, we all needed a lesson on the correct way to eat lobster! Jimmy gave us step by step instructions and we all were doing pretty good until he separated the head from the tail and all the green goo spilled out!! We collected ourselves and once again dug into our “crabs” as Joseph called them! BTW, he didn’t want anything to do with the crabs!! He watched us devour them with a disgusted look on his face!! That was an experience I will never forget! Lobster will probably never taste as good as it did that day!! Rumor has it there is a famous lighthouse at Pemaquid Point but it was too foggy to see it from where we were…pretty ironic I thought!

The boat would go out on the bay, catch the lobster and

bring it back to this little shack to sell and cook!

Lobster boats and cages

Enjoying our lobsta!!

Jimmy and Bette

Watching the gulls clean up our scraps!

The waves seemed pretty violent crashing up on the rocks!

Petrified pine cone embedded in the rocks

View on the way back to the car.

Vacation 08-Day 3

Saturday, July 5th

Today we enjoyed a relaxing day at Damariscotta Lake. Jimmy is belongs to an “association” that allows them access to a private beach at this state park. It was only a 5 minute drive from their house. We spent the day enjoying the quiet beach, while on the other side of the rope the same beach was packed with holiday vacationers! Ha! We all tried not to gloat too much!

Aunt Bette and Joseph

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vacation 08-Day 2

Friday, July 4th

Another long day on the road but we made it to Maine!!! Most of our driving today was along the coast. Supposedly there was an ocean to be seen…but not from the interstate we were on! We hopped off and headed a few miles east and found it! Wells, ME is where these pictures were taken.

The tide was out...time to collect sea shells.

We finally pulled in to Jimmy and Bette’s around 6ish. Dinner was waiting on us….ahhh, vacation is nice!!! We didn’t even think about watching fireworks tonight! We heard some off in the distance, but we were too tired to think about getting in the van and finding them! Spent most of the night talking/catching up with one another! Tomorrow off to do some swimming!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation 08-Day 1

Thursday, July 3rd

We drove 10 (or so) hours today. We made it to Utica, NY. I have to admit that Joseph did a lot better than I expected! He wasn’t too fussy. He cried a couple of hours into the trip saying he just wanted to go home! It’s hard to reason with a 2 year old and explain why we couldn’t (wouldn’t) turn the van around and go home!

Brian thought it be fun to get a GPS for the trip. All of our married life I have been the navigator on our many trips! I was very excited to retire my job to our new “nag-i-gator”, her name is lil’ jaye. She did a great job and if she took us the long way…we never knew.

Joseph watching a DVD...pretending it's a laptop!!

Notice Wes in the can bet he's not singing!!

Making the best of the situation!

It never failed...Joseph would FINALLY fall asleep and we'd have to stop

so someone could go to the bathroom. He woke up EVERY time!!

Taking a snooze while driving thru Ohio!


We took a vacation and have really been wanting to update the blog but haven't really had the opportunity due to the fact our internet at home doesn't work. So I'm at the office on lunch break and will attempt to spell correctly and use proper grammar as I share with you about our Maine vacation adventure.

Jimmy, Bette, A.J., Anna, Jessica, Jaye, Wesley, Brian, and Joseph

Here is where we ended up....Maine, to visit my sister and her husband. We did a lot of driving to get there. We will spin the tail of this adventure in the near future, but it is always good to begin with the end in mind, Stephen R. Covey would be proud. Maine is a wonderful place, it doesn't have a flat or straight road in it like our beloved Indiana but it is rather beautiful as you will see when we post some of the amazing pictures Jessica snapped. Oops, looks like a run on sentence. We'll leave it just to drive some of you crazy.

We were sittin' at the dock of the bay for this picture.

Chapel Pike is hosting a VBS, so after VBS I'll have Jaye get online, correct my mistakes and begin to unfold the story.....I bet you can't wait.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Outside of Boston

If you can't tell from the picture all the "add" ons are made of wood. I wish I had a motorcycle.