Saturday, June 28, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posting...we have been without internet for quite some time now!! The storms have knocked out our service and it's taking a bit of time to get fixed. The kids are taking it pretty hard...but we'll muddle thru somehow!! :) In the meantime, we've enjoyed a couple of great weeks at jr and sr high camp in Fairmount! What fun...summer is in full swing and we've hardly had time to catch our breath before the next great adventure unfolds!! We'll update with pictures and posts when we can!! ~Jaye

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

20 Years Ago Today!

Happy Anniversary to us!! 20 years ago today I married my sweetheart...and today he STILL IS my sweetheart! 20 years WOW...time flies when you're having fun!! :)

Engagement Pictures

The Wedding Party...hmmm...totally 80's!

The dating years!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

You Know Your 2 Year Old Is Watching Too Much American Idol When...

Last Friday night we were sitting down at the kitchen table eating "take out" pizza. We were discussing our favorite pizza joints. I said that the pizza we were eating was good, but my favorite was Brooks (referring to Brooks Upper Crust...yummo!) Anyway, Joseph piped in saying that HIS favorite was JASON!! All you American Idol junkies will know what he was talking about! ~Jaye

Friday, June 6, 2008

We are back on line!

We have our internet connection fixed and everyone is happy:)

So here is how I spent my Friday morning.

First we washed Joseph's Jeep

Then we worked on the Buick

We also did the white Jeep and Joe's lawn mower.

I'm now sitting on the back porch with my laptop after a few hours of washing cars, Jeeps, and toy lawnmowers. I remember when little Jessica and I would go out to wash the car. I'm going to try and dig up some old pictures of the good ole days to share with you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

By the way

After this storm we lost internet at the house. So needless to say the blogs may be a bit slower than normal. Sorry, we have to blog from the office.

Lightening Storm

Photos by Jess. This is the storm that came by our house the other day.

3M Painters Tape - two thumbs UP!!

I'm not one to complain about a product...unless encouraged to do so! You may remember our blog a few weeks ago about our misfortune with the 3M Painters Tape. If not, check it out. We received a comment by "anonymous" saying we should contact the company. We thought it seemed a bit fishy...usually even our "anonymous" comments come from people we know. We did a little research and realized that the person making this comment was from the 3M Corporation. My first thought was, "uh oh, I'm in trouble...I really didn't mean to bad mouth their product...I'm sorry!! I won't do it again!" Then I finally worked up my nerve to call the 1-800# and was quite surprised at the outcome! I explained the problem we had and even went as far to say that it was probably my fault for not letting the paint "cure" for a couple days. The operator was very friendly and apologetic and offered to send me a new roll of tape...the correct tape that should be used for my type of project!! Well, in about a weeks time I had a new roll of tape, tons of coupons for various 3M products and a letter of apology! Yippee for 3M's marketing/customer service departments...they are on the ball!! BTW...we did find if you googled "3M" that our blog did come up. Apparently they have some guy hired just for that particular job! ~Jaye

The Knees of Summer...

As soon as one gets scabbed over...he falls again!!