Monday, July 30, 2007

High School Musical - 20 Year Reunion

Okay, have you ever seen the poster from High School Musical? Well, we have and we decided to recreate it...Holland style. Here are some silly pixs we took the other night...enjoy!!

Jaye and BrianWes and Jess
Wes, Brian and Jess

The Day After Camp

Jaye is tired. All the kids are sleepy or grouchy. Brian is washing the van because it had tree sap dripping on it all week. All in all it was a GREAT week at camp.

The aftermath...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lets get started

Ok This is what I'm thinking, I really don't have anything interesting to say and if I did who would want to read it? So I have hesitated to dive into the world of blogging. So you may ask "whats up with this the blog?" I guess I am giving it a go just to get into the habit of writing. If you want to come along with me that would be great. I invite you into the world of the Hollands. You will read about me, my wonderful wife, our great kids, our awesome church. Whatever my chubby little fingers type. Enjoy the ride. ~Brian~